David Omari – YouTube AI Mastery 2023

Join The Ultimate Training Program For Generating Passive Income With Automated YouTube Channels Using AI
(Without Spending Thousands Of Dollars On Freelancers)

What You Get Inside YouTube AI Mastery

• Video Editing With AI
• Script Writing With AI
• Voice Over With AI
• Thumbnail Designs With AI
• YouTube Shorts With AI
• Channel Optimization With AI
• And much, much more!

Course publish year: 2023
David Omari – YouTube AI Mastery 2023: Videos, PDF’s

01-YouTube Automation with AI

01-YouTube Automation with AI – Introduction

02-Automating Video Creation

01-Introduction to video creation with AI
02-Script Writing With AI
02-ChatGPT Prompt
03-Voice Over With AI
04-Video Editing With AI
05-Thumbnail Designs With AI
06-YouTube Shorts With AI

03-Channel Optimization with AI

01-Introduction to Channel Optimization with AI
02-Websites and softwares for optimizing YouTube channels with AI

04-Conclusion and Future Prospects